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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

PPLD Thing #16: Explore Technorati and discover how tags work with blog posts.

So now that you’ve been blogging for awhile, you might be wondering just how big the blogosphere is. Well, according to Technorati, the leading search tool and authority for blogs, the number of blogs doubles just about every 6 months with over 51 million blogs currently being tracked by the site. If the blogging trend continues, it is estimated that Technorati will have tracked its 100 millionth blog in just 5 months.
Yes, these numbers are astounding, but as you’ve already seen for yourselves, blogging is so easy that these publishing tools are being taken advantage of by almost every industry, including libraries.
There are a lot of new features that have been added to
Technorati, including new ways to search for blogs. You can search for keywords in blog posts, search for entire blog posts that have been tagged with a certain keyword, or search for blogs that have been registered and tagged as whole blogs about a certain subject (like photography or libraries).
Discover & Popular features
Search for a blog in Technorati and subscribe to it in your Bloglines account (RSS Feed).
OPTIONAL: If you're up for a challenge, learn how to
tag your blog posts with Technorati tags so they can join tag searches. Create a post about something. It can be anything you want and add the HTML code to the bottom to tag it as “PPLD.” You may also want to consider claiming your blog and creating a watchlist.
NOTE: When adding HTML code, you'll want to make sure you're in Blogger's
Edit HTML window. There's a lot to explore.
Technorati Tag: PPLD


Ok, everything above is copied verbatim from the PPLD's 23 Things website. There were so many things listed to do I just wanted you to have some idea of what I was writing about.

Blogs, blogs, blogs and more blogs. In a nutshell that's what Technorati is. It is probably the largest blog directory on the web but it is also like having cable TV...200 channels and nothing on. I have spent at least an hour searching through blog listing looking for one that caught my interest enough to subscribe. I finally found one.

Check out The Thinking Blog. I liked it because it doesn't stick to one subject or theme, it just goes with whatever comes up. A warning though the "Pictures Worth A Thousand Words" series does contain some disturbing images that may upset some individuals sensitive to depictions of world hunger and strife.

Alrighty then, I have another complaint about Technorati. I have spent another hour trying to claim my blog and have been denied regardless of how I have typed in the URL. I have searched through the support FAQs and forums and have found no answers as to why. In the discussion forums, someone will complain about not being able to claim their blog and the discussion mediator replies with "we have fixed that for you" or "you should be able to claim your blog now". There are absolutely no answers. I can only assume that their processes are so error ridden that they fix problems on the fly and don't tell the people reporting the problems how they did it so they don't look bad. I finally e-mailed them and got an auto-response that a support person would contact me soon.

Good luck to all who try to use Technorati. I hope you have a lot of patience.


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