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Thursday, April 10, 2008

A Grown-Up Schedule!

Talk about something that makes you happy, how about switching from a 3 nights a week work schedule where you work every Saturday to a  1 night a week schedule where you alternate Saturdays and Mondays off. As Ann, one of my co-workers, calls it, "a grown-up schedule".

Sure, I'll alternate between a one day weekend and a three day weekend and I'll have to work 4 hrs on approx. every 6th Sunday but I also get to spend a lot more evenings with Evelyn (my wife).

I really wasn't aware how much the 3 nights a week affected me but since I started the new schedule on this week I've had a much better attitude and apparently have been annoyingly happier. Apologies to my co-workers on that last one.  

To show how happy I am, check my avatar from




And by the way, the background was chosen because it looks like the places Evelyn has been describing for our next vacation. Although you can bet she wouldn't let me go to the beach without supervision as long as there were girls out sunning. Maybe she won't notice them in the background.

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