Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.
Robert Heinlein (1907 - 1988)

Sunday, May 24, 2015

If You Could Read One Person’s Mind Today, Who Would You Choose?


For some reason I’m drawing a blank with this question.

I guess I could think of some historical figures.

“Was it left or right at the big dipper?” – Christopher Columbus

“Hurry up, Martha”, I said, “Hurry up or I’ll miss the coach to New Jersey!” – George Washington


Then there is the one person who might stumble across this blog and read it.

I bet you’re thinking, “Why does this guy keep writing?”



While writing this, I was listening to Pop Singer by John Mellencamp from Words & Music: John Mellencamp's Greatest Hits Disc 1.

QOTD - What was the easiest thing about today?

Certainly not figuring out how to catch up on another month’s worth of Question of the Day posts.

It appears I’ve been slacking again so I have another marathon writing session coming up.

The easiest thing about today was everything because I did pretty much nothing.

I woke up, showered, made coffee, read a book, drank said coffee, made more coffee, drank that coffee with my wife and her mother, ate breakfast, read the paper, surfed the net, checked my email, ate pizza for dinner while watching a movie, surfed the net, and sat down to write some blog posts.

Is a sentence that long allowed?

Oh, who cares?

1 down and about 30 more to go.



While writing this, I was listening to Coming Home by John Legend from Once Again.

QOTD–Who Is Your Hero? Why?

I’m not really a person who has heroes.

Well, that’s not true, there are several people I admire for lots of different reasons but not one that stands out as “my hero.”

I guess I have lots of heroes.

Since I’m writing this in May between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, my parents immediately come to mind.


They managed to raise three boys and survived. Dad worked and Mom stayed home to take care of us.

Sure, we weren’t rich but we had everything we needed.

Then there’s my brothers.

My older brother, Ronnie, pretty much put his life on hold to take care of both my parent’s as they battled cancer. My sister-in-law, Ann, was right there with him so she makes my hero list as well.

My oldest brother, Keith, has had his own battle with cancer and won.


Suddenly, this has turned into a cancer post. Not what I intended but I might as well go with it.

Cancer is something that chases us all. I’ve had several relatives and friends that have battled cancer.

Some won. Some lost.

But they’re all heroes to me for fighting back.

I have one more hero for my list.

Terry & Evelyn_Wedding Day

My wife, Evelyn, she deserves all kinds of medals just for putting up with me for the last 30+ years.

Oh yeah, she’s a cancer survivor too.



While writing this, I was listening to Speak Out by Ralph Sharon Trio/Tony Bennett from MTV Unplugged.

Thursday, May 14, 2015

All The Books I've Ever Read In My Lifetime

Last Count = 361

Well, all that I can remember.

These are not in the order I read them. I have tried to alphabetize them. The numbers are just so I can keep a count. I will add to this list as I finish books or remember books I've read.

1. The Accident: A Thriller by Linwood Barclay

2. The Accidental Leader: What to Do When You're Suddenly in Charge by Robbins, Harvey and Finley, Michael

3. The Adjustment Bureau by Philip K. Dick and Phil Gigante

4. After the Thin Man: Classic Movies on the Radio by Lux Radio Theatre, William Powell and Myrna Loy

5. The Age of Miracles: A Novel by Karen Thompson Walker

6. Airframe by Michael Crichton

7. Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland by Lewis Carroll

8. All Facts Considered: The Essential Library of Inessential Knowledge by Kee Malesky

9. All Roads Lead To Blue Lake by Mark Vale

10. An Amish Portrait: Song of a People by Merle Good

11. The Anastasia Syndrome and Other Stories by Mary Higgins Clark

12. The Angel of Terror by Edgar Wallace

13. Animal Farm by Orwell, George

14. Ant Farm: And Other Desperate Situations by Simon Rich

15. Anthem by Rand, Ayn

16. Anthill: A Novel by Edward O. Wilson

17. An Arsonist's Guide to Writers' Homes in New England by Brock Clarke

18. The Art of Letting Go: Living the Wisdom of St. Francis by Richard Rohr

19. The Art of Procrastination: A Guide to Effective Dawdling, Lollygagging and Postponing by John Perry

20. Aspire To The Heavens (aka Mount Vernon Love Story) by Mary Higgins Clark

21. As The Crow Flies by Jeffrey Archer

22. Ask the Fruitcake Lady: Everything You Would Already Know If You Had Any Sense by Marie Rudisill

23. Atomic Lobster (Serge Storms Series #10) by Tim Dorsey

24. The Barracks Thief by Tobias Wolff

25. Beat the Gym: Personal Trainer Secrets--Without the Personal Trainer Price Tag by Tom Holland

26. Beginner's Digital SLR Crash Course: Complete guide to mastering digital photography basics, understanding exposure... by Deep Cove Publishing

27. Benediction by Kent Haruf

28. Big Appetite: My Southern-Fried Search for the Meaning of Life by Sam McLeod

29. The Big Bamboo (Serge Storms) by Dorsey, Tim

30. The Big Bow Mystery by Israel Zangwill

31. Bitsy's Bait & BBQ by Pamela Morsi

32. Black Belt Librarians by Warren Graham

33. Blockade Billy by Stephen King

34. The Bone Lady: Life as a Forensic Anthropologist by Mary H. Manheim

35. The Book of Joe by Jonathan Tropper

36. The Book of No by Susan Newman

37. A Box of Matches by Nicholson Baker

38. Breakfast With Buddha by Roland Merullo

39. The Brief History of the Dead by Brockmeier, Kevin

40. The Bro Code by Barney Stinson

41. Bubba and the Dead Woman by C.L. Bevill

42. The Butterfly Effect: How Your Life Matters by Andy Andrews

43. Cadillac Beach: A Novel (Serge Storms) by Dorsey, Tim

44. A Calculated Demise (Bonnie Pinkwater series) by Robert Spiller

45. Calico Joe by Grisham, John

46. The Call of the Wild by Jack London

47. The Canterbury Tales by Geoffery Chaucer

48. Can't We Talk about Something More Pleasant? by Roz Chast

49. Capture the Magic: Train Your Eye, Improve Your Photographic Composition by Jack Dykinga

50. The Cat In The Hat by Dr. Seuss

51. Cataract: Some Notes After Having a Cataract Removed by John Berger and Selcuk Demirel 

52. Catch-22 by Joseph Heller

53. Catching Fire (The Hunger Games, Book 2) by Suzanne Collins

54. Chalktown by Melinda Haynes

55. Charlotte's Web (Trophy Newbery) by E. B. White and Garth Williams

56. The Checklist Manifesto: How To Get Things Right by Atul Gawande

57. Children of the Dust Bowl by Jerry Stanley

58. Chopsticks by Jessica Anthony and Rodrigo Corral

59. A Christmas Story: The Book That Inspired the Hilarious Classic Film by Jean Shepherd

60. City of the Dead (Horrors of History) by T. Neill Anderson

61. Click: One Novel, Ten Authors by Nick Hornby, David Almond, Eoin Colfer and Roddy Doyle

62. Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier

63. The Collected Tales of Nikolai Gogol by Nikolai Gogol, Richard Pevear, and Larissa Volokhonsky

64. Collins Complete Photography Projects by John Garrett

65. The Color Master: Stories by Bender, Aimee

66. The Colorado Kid by King, Stephen

67. A Complaint Free World: How to Stop Complaining and Start Enjoying the Life You Always Wanted by Will Bowen

68. The Complete Grimm's Fairy Tales by Brothers Grimm

69. A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole

70. The Conference of the Birds by Peter Sis

71. The Confessions of Saint Augustine by Saint Augustine of Hippo

72. The Cradle Will Fall by Mary Higgins Clark

73. Creative Nature & Outdoor Photography, Revised Edition by Brenda Tharp

74. Crusade by Greg Crites

75. A Cry In The Night by Mary Higgins Clark

76. The Curious Case of Benjamin Button by F. Scott Fitzgerald

77. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon

78. The Darkest Evening of the Year by Dean Koontz

79. The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown

80. The Dead and the Gone (The Last Survivors, Book 2) by Susan Beth Pfeffer

81. DEAD(ish) by Naomi Kramer

82. Dear American Airlines by Jonathan Miles

83. Dearest Dorothy, Are We There Yet? by Charlene Ann Baumbich

84. The Death Instinct by Jed Rubenfeld

85. Death Warmed Over (Dan Shamble, Zombie P.I.) by Kevin J. Anderson

86. Death Warmed Over: Funeral Food, Rituals, & Customs from Around the World by Lisa Rogak

87. Diary: A Novel by Chuck Palahniuk

88. The Diary of a Young Girl by Anne Frank

89. The Digital Photography Book: Part 1 (2nd Edition) by Kelby, Scott

90. The Digital Photography Book, Part 2 by Kelby, Scott

91. The Digital Photography Book, Volume 3 by Kelby, Scott

92. The Digital Photography Book, Part 4 by Scott Kelby

93. Disasters by Annie Choi

94. A Dish Taken Cold by Anne Perry

95. The Diving Bell and the Butterfly (Vintage International) by Jean-Dominique Bauby

96. Double Indemnity by James M. Cain

97. Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom by Cory Doctorow

98. Drive by Sallis, James

99. Eats, Shoots & Leaves: The Zero Tolerance Approach to Punctuation by Truss, Lynne

100. Edwurd Fudwupper Fibbed Big by Berkeley Breathed

101. Elmore Leonard's 10 Rules Of Writing by Elmore Leonard

102. The Enemy: A Reacher Novel by Lee Child

103. The Entrancing Life by J.M. Barrie

104. Eventide by Kent Haruf

105. Everything Changes by Jonathan Tropper

106. The Eyre Affair: A Thursday Next Novel by Jasper Fforde

107. F in Exams: The Very Best Totally Wrong Test Answers by Richard Benson

108. Fat, Fifty & F***ed! by Geoff McGeachin

109. A Fatal Twist of Lemon (Wisteria Tearoom Mysteries) by Patrice Greenwood

110. Fifty Things to Do When You Turn Fifty: Fifty Experts on the Subject of Turning Fifty by Ronnie Sellers, Gerit Quealy, Debra Gordon and Brian O'Connell

111. The First Phone Call from Heaven: A Novel by Albom, Mitch

112. Flipping the Switch: Unleash the Power of Personal Accountability Using the QBQ! by Miller, John G.

113. Florida Roadkill: A Novel (Serge Storms) by Tim Dorsey

114. Forgotten Bookmarks: A Bookseller's Collection of Odd Things Lost Between the Pages by Michael Popek

115. The Four Agreements by Miguel Ruiz

116. Fear the Worst: A Thriller by Linwood Barclay

117. Fog Heart by Thomas Tessier

118. Food Rules: An Eater's Manual by Michael Pollan

119. Fool: A Novel by Christopher Moore

120. Ford County: Stories by John Grisham

121. 420 Characters by Lou Beach

122. Framed (Swindle) by Gordon Korman

123. Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

124. Free-Range Chickens by Simon Rich

125. Freedom Is Blogging In your Underwear by Hugh MacLeod

126. A Friend of the Earth by T.C. Boyle

127. F**k It: The Ultimate Spiritual Way by John C. Parkin

128. The Galton Case: A Lew Archer Mystery by Ross Macdonald

129. Go the F**k to Sleep by Adam Mansbach and Ricardo Cortés

130. Go with Me: A Novel by Castle Freeman

131. God Bless You, Dr. Kevorkian by Kurt Vonnegut and Neil Gaiman

132. God of Small Things by Arundhati Roy

133. A Good and Happy Child: A Novel by Justin Evans

134. The Good Guy by Dean Koontz

135. Goodnight Mind: Turn Off Your Noisy Thoughts and Get a Good Night's Sleep by Colleen E. Carney and Rachel Manber

136. The Grapes of Wrath by John Steinbeck

137. Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss

138. Grimm’s Fairy Tales by the Brothers Grimm

139. Haiku Inspirations: Poems and Meditations on Nature and Beauty (Inspirations Series) by Tom Lowenstein and Victoria James

140. Half a Life: A Memoir by Darin Strauss

141. Half-Minute Horrors by Susan Rich and Various

142. Hamlet by William Shakespeare

143. The Handbook for Lightning Strike Survivors: A Novel by Michele Young-Stone

144. Happy: Simple Steps to Get the Most Out of Life by Smith, Ian K., M.D.

145. Happy Birthday or Whatever: Track Suits, Kim Chee, and Other Family Disasters by Annie Choi

146. Hate That Cat: A Novel by Sharon Creech

147. The Haunted Mesa by Louis L’Amour

148. Heart-Shaped Box by Joe Hill

149. Hiroshima by John R. Hershey

150. The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams

151. Holidays on Ice by David Sedaris

152. The Homecoming (Wonderfully Illustrated Short Pieces) by Ray Bradbury and Dave McKean

153. How to Change Your Entire Life by Doing Absolutely Nothing: 10 Do-Nothing Relaxation Exercises to Calm You Down Quickly So You Can Speed Forward Faster by Karen Salmansohn

154. How To Disappear Completely by David Bowick

155. How To Talk To A Widower by Jonathan Tropper

156. How to Tell If Your Cat Is Plotting to Kill You by The Oatmeal and Matthew Inman

157. How to Write Short: Word Craft for Fast Times by Roy Peter Clark

158. The Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins

159. The Hunter and Other Stories by Hammett, Dashiell, Layman, Richard and Rivett, Julie

160. The Husband by Dean Koontz

161. I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

162. I Could Pee on This: And Other Poems by Cats by Francesco Marciuliano

163. If It Bleeds (Rapid Reads) by Linda Richards

164. If You Ask Me: (And of Course You Won't) by Betty White

165. I'm Almost Out of Cha: Woody Paige's Chalk Board Tales by Woody Paige

166. In Fifty Years We'll All Be Chicks: And Other Complaints from an Angry Middle-Aged White Guy by Adam Carolla

167. In Search of #6 by Damon Timm

168. In the Dark Streets Shineth: A 1941 Christmas Eve Story by David McCullough

169. Infected: A Novel by Scott Sigler

170. The Inner City Mother Goose by Eve Merriam and David Diaz

171. The Instant Physicist: An Illustrated Guide by Richard A. Muller and Joey Manfre

172. The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick

173. John Dies at the End by David Wong

174. Jokers Club by Gregory Bastianelli

175. Joyland (Hard Case Crime) by Stephen King

176. The Killer Angels: The Classic Novel of the Civil War by Shaara, Michael

177. Killing Floor: A Jack Reacher Novel by Lee Child

178. Killing the Black Dog: A Memoir of Depression by Les A. Murray

179. Kissing Babies at the Piggly Wiggly by Robert Dalby

180. Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal by Christopher Moore

181. The Last Dragonslayer: The Chronicles of Kazam, Book 1 by Jasper Fforde

182. The Last Girlfriend on Earth: And Other Love Stories by Simon Rich

183. The Last Lecture by Randy Pausch and Jeffrey Zaslow

184. Last Night at the Lobster by Stewart O'Nan

185. Lethal Passage: The Story of a Gun by Erik Larson

186. Let's Pretend This Never Happened by Jenny Lawson

187. The Librarian's Book of Lists by George Eberhart

188. Life by Spencer Johnson

189. Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer

190. Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz

191. Life's Little Annoyances: True Tales of People Who Just Can't Take It Anymore by Ian Urbina

192. The Lighthouse at the End of the World by Jules Verne

193. Lightning by Dean Koontz

194. Little Lies by Heather Gudenkauf

195. Lonigan by Louis L’Amour

196. Looking For Przybylski by K.C. Frederick

197. Lost in a Good Book (A Thursday Next Novel) by Jasper Fforde

198. The Lost Years by Mary Higgins Clark

199. The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett

200. Manage Your Day-to-Day: Build Your Routine, Find Your Focus, and Sharpen Your Creative Mind (The 99U Book Series... by Glei, Jocelyn K. and 99U

201. The Martian by Andy Weir

202. Matchless: A Christmas Story by Gregory Maguire

203. The Memoir Project: A Thoroughly Non-Standardized Text for Writing & Life by Marion Roach Smith

204. Merry Christmas from . . .: 150 Christmas Cards You Wish You'd Received by Karen Robert

205. Miss Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children (Miss Peregrine's Peculiar Children Book 1) by Ransom Riggs

206. Missing Persons (Alan Gregory Series) by Stephen White

207. Mockingjay (The Hunger Games, Book 3) by Suzanne Collins

208. Mortality by Hitchens, Christopher

209. Motherless Brooklyn by Jonathan Lethem

210. My Drunk Kitchen: A Guide to Eating, Drinking, and Going with Your Gut by Hannah Hart

211. My Planet: Finding Humor in the Oddest Places by Mary Roach

212. Native Son by Richard Wright

213. Never Look Away by Linwood Barclay

214. The Next Step in Evolution: a Personal Guide (New Edition) by Vincent Cole

215. No Doorway Wide Enough: 2000-2010, My Parkinson's Disease Decade by Bill Schmalfeldt

216. No One Cares What You Had for Lunch: 100 Ideas for Your Blog by Margaret Mason

217. No Safe House by Linwood Barclay

218. No Time for Goodbye by Linwood Barclay

219. An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge and Other Stories by Ambrose Bierce

220. The Old Man and The Sea by Ernest Hemingway

221. One for the Money (Stephanie Plum, No. 1) by Janet Evanovich

222. One of Our Thursdays Is Missing: A Novel by Jasper Fforde

223. A Painted House by John Grisham

224. Paper Towns by John Green

225. The Particular Sadness of Lemon Cake by Aimee Bender

226. Passing for Thin: Losing Half My Weight and Finding My Self by Frances Kuffel

227. Peaks and Valleys: Making Good And Bad Times Work For You--At Work And In Life by Spencer Johnson

228. A Piggly Wiggly Christmas by Rob Dalby

229. A Piggly Wiggly Wedding by Robert Dalby

230. Plainsong by Kent Haruf

231. Plan B by Jonathan Tropper

232. Playing for Pizza by John Grisham

233. The Pocket Muse by Monica Wood

234. Point Omega: A Novel by Don DeLillo

235. Poke the Box by Seth Godin

236. Postcards from a Dead Girl: A Novel (P.S.) by Kirk Farber

237. Postmark by Samantha Chase

238. The Potty Mouth at the Table by Laurie Notaro

239. Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore

240. Pray For Silence by Linda Castillo

241. Praying Drunk by Kyle Minor

242. Prey by Michael Crichton

243. Prison Writings: My Life Is My Sundance by Leonard F. Peltier

244. The Pursuit of Other Interests: A Novel by Jim Kokoris

245. QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability at Work and in Life by Miller, John G

246. Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can't Stop Talking by Susan Cain

247. Quiet Mind: A Beginner's Guide to Meditation by Sharon Salzberg, Sakyong Mipham, Tulku Thondup, and Larry Rosenberg

248. Reader's Advisory: Unshelved 7 (An Unshelved Collection) by Gene Ambaum and Bill Barnes

249. A Red Herring Without Mustard (Flavia de Luce, #3) by Alan Bradley

250. Safe From the Sea by Peter Geye

251. Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky

252. Sanctuary Hill (A Bay Tanner Mystery) by Kathryn R Wall

253. A Series of Unfortunate Events by Lemony Snickets

254. The Shack by Wm. Paul Young

255. Shallow Graves (A Location Scout Series) by Jeffery Deaver

256. Shimmering Images: A Handy Little Guide to Writing Memoir by Lisa Dale Norton

257. Sh*t My Dad Says by Justin Halpern

258. Showoff (Swindle) by Gordon Korman

259. Siddhartha by Hermann Hesse

260. Signspotting 4: The Art of Miscommunication by Doug Lansky

261. Six-Word Memoirs on Love and Heartbreak by Smith, Larry and Fershleiser, Rachel

262. 61 Hours: A Reacher Novel

263. Skipping Christmas by John Grisham

264. Smokey the Talking Dog and other tales from the land of the loganberry by Jim Nolan

265. Smut: Stories by Alan Bennett

266. Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson

267. Socrates In 90 Minutes by Paul Strathern

268. The Solitude of Prime Numbers: A Novel by Paolo Giordano

269. Something Rotten (Thursday Next Novels) by Jasper Fforde

270. The Song of the Quarkbeast: The Chronicles of Kazam, Book 2 by Fforde, Jasper

271. A Special Place: The Heart of a Dark Matter by Peter Straub

272. Sphere by Michael Crichton

273. Spook: Science Tackles the Afterlife by Mary Roach

274. Spring Into Digital Photography by Joseph T. Jaynes and Rip Noël

275. Starting from Happy: A Novel by Patricia Marx

276. Stillwatch by Mary Higgins Clark

277. Straight Man by Richard Russo

278. The Stranger by Albert Camus

279. A Stranger Is Watching by Mary Higgins Clark

280. The Stupidest Angel by Christopher Moore

281. The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie: A Flavia de Luce Mystery by Alan Bradley

282. Swindle by Gordon Korman

283. Sworn to Silence (Kate Burkholder Mysteries) by Linda Castillo

284. The Tale of Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter

285. A Tale of Two Cities by Charles Dickens

286. Talking Pictures by Ransom Riggs

287. The Tao Of Pooh by Benjamin Hoff

288. 10% Happier: How I Tamed the Voice in My Head, Reduced Stress Without Losing My Edge, and Found Self-Help That Actually Works by Dan Harris

289. The Texas Stories of Nelson Algren by Nelson Algren and Bettina Drew

290. Thank You Notes by Jimmy Fallon and the Writers of Late Night

291. Thank You Notes 2 by Jimmy Fallon

292. ... then just stay fat. by Shannon Sorrels

293. There, I Fixed It: (No, You Didn't) by Cheezburger Network

294. Thinking Photography by Diane Asseo Griliches

295. This Book Is Overdue!: How Librarians and Cybrarians Can Save Us All by Marilyn Johnson

296. This Is Water: Some Thoughts, Delivered on a Significant Occasion, about Living a Compassionate Life by David Foster Wallace

297. This Year I Will...: How to Finally Change a Habit, Keep a Resolution, or Make a Dream Come True by M.J. Ryan

298. Three by Ted Dekker

299. The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch by Philip K. Dick

300. Thunderstruck by Erik Larson

301. Thursday Next: First Among Sequels: A Thursday Next Novel by Jasper Fforde

302. Ticktock by Dean Koontz

303. The Tie That Binds by Kent Haruf

304. Time for Outrage: Indignez-vous! by Stéphane Hessel

305. The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

306. The Tinnitus Handbook: A Self Help Guide by Bill Habets

307. To Die For: A Novel (Blair Mallory) by Howard, Linda

308. To-Do Lists of the Dead by Jonathan Katz

309. To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee

310. Too Much Coffee Man: Cutie Island by Shannon Wheeler

311. Torchwood: Another Life by Anghelides, Peter

312. Train Dreams: A Novella by Denis Johnson

313. The Traveler by Daren Simkin and Daniel Simkin

314. Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson

315. Troublemaker by Janet & Alex Evanovich

316. Troublemaker 2 by Janet Evanovich

317. 24/7 by Jim Brown

318. The 24th Letter by Tom Lowe

319. 2BR02B by Kurt Vonnegut Jr

320. Two For The Dough by Janet Evanovich

321. The Unapologetic Fat Girl's Guide to Exercise and Other Incendiary Acts by Blank, Hanne

322. The Uncommon Reader: A Novella by Alan Bennett

323. Unstuck: A Tool for Yourself, Your Team, and Your World by Keith Yamashita and Sandra Spataro

324. The Unthinkable: Who Survives When Disaster Strikes - and Why by Ripley, Amanda

325. Velocity by Dean Koontz

326. Walter, the Farting Dog by William/ Murray, Glenn/ Colman, Audrey (ILT) Kotzwinkle

327. Waltzing at the Piggly Wiggly by Robert Dalby

328. Wanderer of the Wasteland by Zane Grey

329. Water for Elephants: A Novel by Sara Gruen

330. Wearing of This Garment Does Not Enable You to Fly: 101 Real Dumb Warning Labels by Jeff Koon, Andy Powell

331. The Weed That Strings the Hangman's Bag (Flavia de Luce, #2) by Alan Bradley

332. Weep No More, My Lady by Mary Higgins Clark

333. Weird Things Customers Say in Bookstores by Jen Campbell

334. The Well of Lost Plots (Thursday Next Series) by Jasper Fforde

335. West of Last Chance by Kent Haruf and Peter Brown

336. What Do You Want to Do Before You Die? by The Buried Life, Ben Nemtin, Dave Lingwood and Duncan Penn

337. What I'd Say to the Martians: And Other Veiled Threats by Jack Handey

338. What in God's Name by Simon Rich

339. What It Is by Lynda Barry

340. What-the-Dickens: The Story of a Rogue Tooth Fairy by Gregory Maguire

341. What the Hell Are You Doing?: The Essential David Shrigley

342. When Science Goes Wrong by Simon Levay

343. Where Are The Children? By Mary Higgins Clark

344. Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak

345. Where You Once Belonged by Kent Haruf

346. While My Pretty One Sleeps by Mary Higgins Clark

347. Winnie the Pooh by A.A. Milne and Ernest H. Shepard

348. Witches: The Absolutely True Tale of Disaster in Salem by Rosalyn Schanzer

349. With My Dog Eyes: A Novel by Hilda Hilst

350. The Woman Who Wouldn’t by Gene Wilder

351. The Wonderful Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum

352. Wonderstruck by Brian Selznick

353. The World of PostSecret by Frank Warren

354. World's Shortest Stories: Murder. Love. Horror. Suspense. All This And Much More...by Steve Moss

355. The Worst Hard Time: The Untold Story of Those Who Survived the Great American Dust Bowl by Egan, Timothy

356. Written On The City: Graffiti Messages Worldwide by Axel Albin and Josh Kamler

357. Yiddish for Dogs: Chutzpah, Feh!, Kibbitz, and More: Every Word Your Canine Needs to Know by Janet Perr

358. You're Only Old Once! A Book for Obsolete Children by Theodor Geisel - Dr. Seuss

359. Zombie Spaceship Wasteland: A Book by Patton Oswalt by Patton Oswalt

360. Zoobreak by Gordon Korman

361. Zorba The Greek by Nikos Kazantzakis