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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Time for a change....(Update)

For years I have posted to this site via uploads from Windows Live Writer. It is a program which I felt comfortable using and it was really easy to write, edit, and upload with. I have never liked Blogger's post editor. It just seems too clunky to me.
Recently a few things have converged that have made me want to move away from Blogger.
Sometime in 2014, I set up a page on Wordpress just so I could see how it worked. It is a pretty cool site but I'd heard some stories about their space limitations for images uploaded so I never posted directly to WP. Instead, I mirrored what was posted here on Blogger onto WP via an IFTTT ( recipe.
Then just recently I began having problems connecting with Blogger via Live Writer.
After some research, I discovered that Google had upgraded their authentication process and Microsoft was being really slow to adapt, of course.
Microsoft then announced that they were scrapping Live Writer and would not longer support it or update it. A group of volunteers have acquired the program from MS, stripped it of its proprietery coding and rebuilt it as openware ( but as of right now it does not connect with Blogger and does not have the plug-ins that were available in the MS version.
MS Live Writer will still access WP so I have reversed the flow of things. I will now be posting directly to WP and using Ifttt to mirror those posts onto Blogger. When developers start writing plug-ins for Open Live Writer, I will probably switch to it so that I have the latest updates.

So, anyway, this was a really long winded and boring way to say

Come see me over on Wordpress at

PS. - As of 1/20/2016, I have turned off the Ifttt mirror so there will be no further updates to this blog on Blogger. Adios!

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