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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

QOTD–Many, Many Questions

I was feeling a little under the weather a few days ago, so I decided to put off the daily question until I felt better.

Well, that “few days” turned out to be over a week so I have several questions to answer.

Looks like it’s time for another lightning round.

Here we go:

My house is a home because ______.

Evelyn is there. A tent could be my home as long as she was there.

Who was the last person to tell you they loved you?


What is your favorite piece of art you own?

I don’t own a lot of art. There is one oil painting of mine that I’m pretty proud of but I would have to say that currently this guy is my favorite. I picked him up at a souvenir shop in San Antonio.



The most expensive bill I paid last month was ________.

The mortgage

What’s the last thing you apologized for?

Oh, there are so many things. I can’t remember which one was last.

My favorite color is ______.

Cobalt blue

On a scale of 1-10 how is your health?

Even with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, glaucoma, and being overweight, I would still see myself around 8. Denial? Maybe, but you got to give me points for optimism.

If you could do today over, would you change anything?

I would be a lottery winner and on vacation.

Name a person you wish you didn’t have to deal with today.  

The patron who will wait for the closing announcement before attempting to check out their 100 items on a blocked account. I hate you.

What is the largest TV screen in your house?


What time did you go to bed last night?

10:45pm. If only that was what time I went to sleep, things would be so much brighter today.

What did you buy today?

So far nothing, it’s still morning. I’ll probably buy a salad on the way into work.



While writing this I was listening to " Cozza Frenzy" from "Cozza Frenzy" by "Bassnectar"

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