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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Picture of the Day–March 17, 2012


“Road Through Despair”


Today Evelyn and I drove down CO 67 from Decker, CO to Woodland Park, CO.

I had not been down this road since before the Hayman fire.

This is just a small portion of the total 138,144 acres burned.

Over 130 homes destroyed.  Over 5000 people evacuated.

6 fatalities.

Oh yeah, and it happened 10 years ago.

We spent the months of June and July of 2002 watching the glow and smoke of the fire from our balcony.




I can’t begin to describe all the emotions and feelings I had driving through the “forest” today.

The first was total disbelief.

I mean the damage is unreal. There is very little new growth which means very little wildlife.

Speaking of wildlife, I can’t imagine how many animals, birds, etc.. were lost in the fire.

Next was extreme sadness followed by anger.


Yes anger.

This wasn’t some accident, a spark from a train wheel, or a lightening strike.

This was arson.

By a U.S. Forest Service Employee….who wanted to be the hero for reporting the fire and saving the forest.

10 years later it still makes me mad.



While writing this I was listening to "Resistance" from "Catch and Release [Soundtrack]" by "Alaska!"

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