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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Scruples Question #7




I live in Colorado Springs, CO. (Population: approx. 430,000)

You know, that quiet little hamlet nestled between the plains and Pikes Peak… where at least once or twice a week there’s a shooting or a brawl.

And I’m not just talkin’ about at the bars, folks. I talkin’ about in the neighborhoods and on the streets.

Colorado Springians (or is it Springites?) have a severe problem with “Old West” mentality. They would prefer to settle their differences in the middle of the street at high noon.

Spurs janglin’ , tumbleweeds rolling by, etc.…

No sense talking about it. Just pull out your piece and open fire.

Have a little too much to drink, get disoriented and accidently try your neighbor’s door?

Bang! Bang! You’re on your way to the hospital.

In 2011, there were 32 homicides in “the Springs”.

In 2010, your odds of becoming a victim of a violent crime were 4.7 in 1000.

Now before you NRA members get the wrong idea and think that I’m advocating the government taking away your weapons, I’m not.

I believe you have the right to bear arms and protect your loved ones or yourself. I don’t believe you need an AK47 or another type of automatic weapon to do that.

A handgun or shot gun should do nicely. Also I said to protect you or your loved ones.

There’s no sane reason to open fire because someone scratched your car.

That’s what insurance is for. And besides it’s just a car. It’s not worth someone’s life and you spending yours in prison.

With all that said. I like Colorado Springs.

Most of it.

The weather’s great. It’s just about the right size city. Not too big, not too small. I have some good friends here. The mountains are right there. 

I would recommend it to anyone. You just have to know a few things:

  1. There ain’t nothing you need in the neighborhood around Fountain and Murray. You just found the best deal ever on Craigslist? Screw it. You can live without it.
  2. Don’t make eye contact.
  3. Keep your head down.
  4. Just smile and nod.
  5. Don’t touch other people’s stuff.

#5 is the reason your battery is going to run down if you leave your lights on.





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My only hope is that they have a sense of humor and don’t sue my ass over this.

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While writing this I was listening to " Superfly" from "Instant Party: Whole Lotta Soul" by "Curtis Mayfield"

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