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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The View From Room 508


Yep, that’s Pikes Peak but this isn't the view from some posh hotel in Colorado Springs. This is the view from Penrose Hospital room #508.

This is where my wife has been since Monday….It’s Wednesday now. I’m not going into any details but she’ll be ok. We should be out of here tomorrow or Friday at the latest.

Besides boredom I have observed a few interesting things. A hospital is a plethora of human drama and emotion. I passed a nurse and a family in the lobby engaged in a somber discussion about a loved one’s death. I have also witnessed the excitement and joy of the staff after the arrival of a donor heart.

It’s been an interesting swing of events. Much more than this post is sounding to me right now. I’m really tired and this is not coming out the way it sounded in my head so I am going to stop writing it.

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