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Sunday, March 23, 2008

PPLD Thing #8 - Learn about RSS feeds and set up your own Bloglines newsreader account.

Ok, I had heard of RSS but never really understood it. It is pretty useful if you are trying to track several web sites or blogs. Instead of going to several sites, you can log into your RSS feeder and see all the items that have been recently updated and choose which ones you want to view or read. This activity requested we set up an account on Bloglines and subscribe to The Blog@PPLD. It's a fairly easy process but I'm not sure I like the way Bloglines displays the RSS feeds although it is very easy to subscribe to a feed. A while back I downloaded a RSS aggregator called Doppler but never really used it. Upon closer review, I like the way Doppler displays the feeds a lot better. It is in a "headline" type of view. You can scroll down through the feed titles and click on the items that interest you if you would like to see the complete text. Doppler will also sync with Bloglines so if you have already set up an account with Bloglines you can pull those subscriptions into Doppler automatically.

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