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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Letter to the Editor


The following letter to the editor was printed in the Colorado Springs Independent, a great local paper.


Trail etiquette, please

I wonder why dog owners think their pets' shit tied up in a brightly colored plastic bag adds to the beauty of local trails and trail heads. Do they think their mothers, or city and county workers or trail volunteers, will pick up after them?

This speaks volumes about what these people think of fellow trail users. If you're not going to properly dispose of the package, don't even bother to package it. It will decompose much faster if left open to the elements instead being sealed up in plastic.

Better yet, leave the dog at home if you're not willing to remove its shit from public places.

— Larry Augenstein

Colorado Springs

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I love this letter and not just because I agree with the writer. I love how blunt and to the point he is. No beating around the bush here.



While writing this, I was listening to "Mayday (M'aidez)" from "Beyond the Horizon" by People In Planes

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