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Saturday, February 26, 2011

I Am Legend by Richard Matheson

41 r4HDvLKL__SL160_PIsitb-sticker-arrow-dp,TopRight,12,-18_SH30_OU01_AA160_ Vampires and werewolves! That’s the rage now and I swore I would not read any books or see any movies in this genre. Then I picked up “I Am Legend” without realizing what it was about. Ok, it wasn’t that bad. It was written in the 1950’s and is set in 1976 – 1979 so it has the whole cold war apocalyptic theme running through it. There has been another world war and a mutant virus has spread throughout the world turning the Earth’s population into vampires except for one man, Robert Neville. The story follows his plight from just trying to stay alive and sane to possibly discovering a cure for the epidemic and ends with a surprising ironic twist unless you have already read other books of this genre or seen movies like “The Omega Man”. But I guess in 1954 this was pretty scary stuff. One odd thing about  this book was the author’s negligence in accounting for technological advances in his future world. The cars still had starter buttons and manual chokes. Now that is scary.



While writing this, I was listening to "Fires" from "Baby Darling Doll Face Honey" by Band of Skulls

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