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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

I’m a medical oddity


eye chart


Ok, so I went to the optometrist yesterday for my annual eye exam. No big deal right. Well, that would be wrong.

My doctor found so many things wrong or unusual that he was giddy like a kid in a candy store.

First off my eyesight is bad. It has been for years. I’ve worn glasses since I was in fifth grade. I basically wear coke bottles.

Wait, it gets better. Last year during my exam the doctor informed me I had cataracts in both eyes but not to worry because they were very slight. He told me it was not unusual for people to start to develop them at my age (47 at the time). Nothing to worry about for another 10-15 years...

Fast forward one year.

Dr. H: I can hardly see your retina through that lens. How are you seeing out? It looks like a steamy window.

Me: Huh?

Dr. H: Let’s do some more tests.

An hour and a half later, it appears that the cataract in my left eye has made a quantum leap ahead about 10 years and now I may be a candidate for surgery. While my right eye has progressed as expected. They can only correct the vision in my left eye to about 20/35 with normal glasses.

Suddenly I have a screaming TV pitchman running through my head.

But wait there’s more! Call us today and we’ll throw in astigmatism, Krukenberg's Spindle also known as pigment dispersion syndrome and the possibility of glaucoma at no extra costs! Just pay shipping and handling along with whatever exorbitant copay and out of pocket expenses that your insurance provider requires and you too could be enjoying this luxurious health package for the rest of your life!

Yeah, Dr H. was pretty excited.

So next week I go to the Wright Eye Center here in Colorado Springs and meet with another eye doctor for a 2nd opinion and a pre-surgery assessment. Then they have to convince my insurance provider that I qualify for the procedure. Swell.



Yeah, my eyes don’t look like this.



While writing this, I was listening to "Look But Don't Touch" from "The Alligator Records-20th Anniversary Collection" by Kenny Neal


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